Our worst gluten-free dining experience ever: Pizza Express

November 23, 2013

In June this year, we were delighted to report that Pizza Express had worked with Coeliac UK to create an accredited gluten-free menu including gluten-free beers, pizzas and other menu items. We were really pleased with our first experience and found our waiter to be knowledgable and very well-trained.

So, last night, we were confident that we would have the same great gluten-free experience at the busy Pizza Express on Euston Road in London. We’d had a great evening catching up with friends in a pub in King’s Cross and decided to nip in to Pizza Express to share a meal before heading home. We agreed to order a completely gluten-free meal so we could share.

The first thing I said to our waiter was “We need two gluten-free meals” as I pointed at the gluten-free advertisement on the menu, which he acknowledged. The “gluten-free choices” part of the menu is very clear as you can see below.  I ordered a “gluten-free La Reine pizza on a gluten-free base”, pointing again to the gluten-free choices sign.

Pizza Express Euston Road gluten free menu


I then ordered a “gluten-free aubergine parmigiana”, not bothering with trying to pronounce the confusing “Melanzane”, again pointing at the menu and the gluten-free choices sign.

Pizza Express gluten-free menu aubergine parmigiana


Finally, I ordered a “gluten-free beer” and a small Peroni.

Pizza Express Gluten Free drinks menu


At this point, I had said “gluten-free” and pointed at the menu so many times it’s safe to say we had a complete understanding. Our waiter repeated the order back and it was bang on.

We were buzzing after a fun night with friends and happily chatted while sipping on our beers. Our meals arrived really quickly. The waitress mumbled what I thought was “Melanzane” or “Parmigiana” as she placed my meal in front of me.

After a few bites of his pizza, my partner said “This is terrible. It tastes of nothing.” I was already a few bites into my parmigiana and was thinking, “This is nice. There are pieces of aubergine, but are these layers aubergine or pasta?” We were starting to get worried but kept eating. After a few more bites I said “I have to ask the waiter about this. This is pasta.”

I called the waiter over and said, “Can I just check? Is the aubergine parmigiana gluten-free?”. He said “That’s a lasagne.” I said “I ordered two gluten-free meals.” He whipped the dish away and sped off.

By this point we were absolutely furious and decided we weren’t going to pay for the meal. I tried a tiny slice of the pizza to see if I thought the base was gluten-free or classic. It was doughy, and undercooked, like a frozen base had not been in the oven long enough. No wonder it tasted insipid. But we still weren’t 100% sure if we’d been given a gluten-free pizza or if my partner had just eaten two slices of normal pizza.

When the waiter got back he said they were cooking new meals for us. I was completely fuming inside but I stayed calm and was very polite. I said “No thank you. We’re going to leave but I’m not happy to pay for these meals. This pizza is undercooked and my meal wasn’t gluten-free so we’re not going to pay.” He called his manager.

The manager apologised and offered to cook us new meals. We politely declined. He said we don’t have to pay for the meal and the drinks are free. We explained how important it is for his staff to get the order right and that our whole weekend could now be ruined. We asked if the pizza was gluten-free and he said “if it’s served on a black board it’s gluten-free. It’s definitely gluten-free.” I know that’s not the truth; all Romana pizzas are served on a black board. He invited us back to have a free Christmas meal on the house, but we had already decided never to eat a gluten-free meal at Pizza Express again. We thanked him for the offer and got ready to leave.

We started to talk about what you should do if you’ve mistakenly eaten a lot of gluten. Do you go make yourself be sick? We were worried our weekend was a write-off at this point and we still weren’t sure if he’d had gluten or not. I decided to ask the waiter if the pizza was gluten-free. He said “you had a classic pizza.” I queried that and he said he’d get the menu. Thankfully, he pointed to the gluten-free sign and we were a bit more confident that we’d be OK.

This completely ruined a really nice evening. We were polite and explained how important it is to get the orders right and the consequences of getting it wrong so it never happens to anyone again. If we started off with the opposite meals we could have been in for a terrible weekend. It might sound harsh, but we are never going to eat at Pizza Express again. Their accreditation gives you false confidence and trust, which is quite dangerous if they don’t deliver. Despite the undeserved trust, I think we were extremely vigilant with our order. How could they get it so wrong? They have a lot of work to do and I question their Coeliac UK accreditation. Other unaccredited restaurants like Carluccio’s can get it right every time. Pizza Express completely failed. I recommend that you don’t eat there.



Gluten-free crumpets

November 23, 2013

Genius Gluten-Free Crumpets

There’s something very comforting about a hot cuppa and a toasted crumpet with a thick layer of butter and loads of honey that melts and seeps through the spongey centre making a syrupy mess. So now we’re delighted to have a few gluten-free choices available that I can strongly recommend to you.

Marks and Spencer gluten free crumpets

A friend with a 9 year old daughter with coeliac disease discovered M&S’s made without wheat crumpets and raved to us about how good they are. We rushed out to try some and can vouch for the fact that they are really tasty. They do need to be toasted for quite a while longer than you’d usually except. Their website advertises them at an eye watering £6.99 but I’m sure we haven’t paid that much in store. (Update*: yep, they’re £1.79 in store making them cheaper than Genius at £2.19).

Genius Gluten Free Crumpet packshot

Last week I was also lucky enough to stumble across a stall handing out Genius bread. I raced up to try their toasted fruit loaf and told the lady that my boyfriend had coeliacs. I asked if they had any samples to give out and she gave me two huge loaves of bread and a packet of crumpets to try because they’re new to the range (Thank you SO MUCH, Genius!). We think the crumpets are delicious and probably pip the M&S crumpets at the post. At £2.19, they’re a tad more expensive than M&S*. All this talk is making me hungry so I’m going to have one now.

The Genius crumpets are now available at Sainsbury’s and Asda stores. M&S crumpets are available at selected stores or can be ordered online and delivered to your nearest store.

Images via MarksAndSpencer.com and GeniusGlutenFree.com


New gluten-free breakfast menu at Carliccio’s

August 14, 2013

We had no food in the house on Sunday morning and, if I’m honest, were feeling super lazy so we ate out for breakfast. (Hooray! My favourite! Promise I didn’t put any undue pressure on my other half to make that happen.)

At Carluccio’s we expected to get the standard breakfast sans bread but the waiter produced their newly released gluten-free breakfast menu and said they now have GF bread too. So we had the hugest, most satisfying breakfast ever. Nice one, Carluccio’s.


We spotted a gluten-free chocolate and coconut cake in their bakery too. It would make a nice treat for a special occasion.

I love their bakery and grocery shop. The packaging is beautiful. The red tuna tins you can see in the window were featured in Red Magazine as plant pots for herbs which is a neat idea for your kitchen.



New Wahaca gluten-free menu

July 15, 2013

happy days

When a heat wave hits all I want to eat is fresh, zesty food; piles of salad, punches of lime juice, fresh herbs, fiery salsas,  juicy grilled meats, spicy red onions, buttery avocados… my mouth is seriously watering just thinking about it.

And I like nothing better than ordering tapas-style meals so I can eat a bit of everything we can share. Make it al fresco and put an icy drink in my hand and I am in heaven.  Read the rest of this entry »


How were the gluten-free pizzas at Pizza Express?

June 3, 2013

Green's gluten-free pilsner at Pizza Express


What are the main things we look for when we go out for a gluten-free meal? Clued-up waiters (beer!), a clearly labelled GF menu (beer!), a range of gluten-free options (BEER!)?

Yes, all of those things, but mostly beer.

So, on arriving at our local Pizza Express, dressed up and full of excitement at the prospect of a beer and pizza date-night (eating out is a big deal for us), it was only a matter of seconds before we ordered two Green’s gluten-free pilsners. The beers weren’t too bad, certainly a lot nicer than the majority of GF beers out there and they tasted like real beer not the imitation stuff, but still not anywhere near as nice as the king of gluten-free beers, Daura by Estrella.



Pizza Express gluten-free pizzas

Choosing our mains was fun because we could have almost all of the toppings on the menu. So much choice, what a nice change! We had a false start with the Sloppy Giueseppe since hot spiced beef isn’t on the safe list (and this wasn’t clear on the menu so we had to check).

We went for an American Hot pizza with pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, with jalapeno peppers. My choice was a Capricciosa (ham hock, anchovies, capers, black olives, mozzarella, tomato, hard-boiled free-range egg and red pepper) with the egg and peppers swapped for artichokes and mushrooms.

We had a good chat with our lovely waiter who was really keen on explaining the new labelling system in the kitchen and the training they had gone through as part of the range launch, which helped us to feel confident about the meal.

The pizzas were delicious! The bases were like the real thing. You can see from the photos that it didn’t take long for me to pinch a piece of his pizza. The only draw back was that my pizza arrived without any artichokes. The meal was so filling that when it came time to order a second beer or look at the dessert menu we had to call it a day.

We’ll definitely go back.

Have you tried the new gluten-free pizza range? What did you think?

You can find your nearest Pizza Express restaurant here. And if you’d like to try Green’s or Estrella Daura beers they’re available from selected Sainsbury’s stores.




Warburtons gluten-free wraps

May 13, 2013


The Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse “Save our wrap” campaign has been doing the rounds on social media for a couple of months but we hadn’t gotten around to going to a Tesco to try out the new wraps. We finally made it this week.

I have to be honest with you and say that the price is a little eye-watering at £3 for a packet of three square wraps. But they taste good and they do something I’ve rarely seen a gluten-free wrap or tortilla do… they don’t crack when you roll them around a filling.

I’m really keen to experiment with them a bit more to see what they’re like as Wahaca-style quesadillas, or thin-crust pizzas.

The wraps are currently available from Tesco and Morrison’s. Have you tried them? What did you think?



Gluten-free pizzas and BEER at Pizza Express

May 12, 2013

Pizza express pizza

Sometimes at the end of a tough week you just can’t wait to relax and enjoy a pizza and a beer and forget about cooking for one evening. But in our case, the wait on a pizza and beer night has been roughly a decade.

Which is why I can’t tell you how excited we were to hear that Pizza Express have brought out a gluten-free pizza range as part of their new Summer menu. But the excitement was ramped up another notch when we investigated further and found out that beer is also involved.

In fact, those smart cookies at Pizza Express have launched an entire gluten-free menu featuring risottos, salads, pizzas, parmigianas and brownies. They’ve also provided a list of menu items to avoid. And as a bonus the menu has been endorsed by Coeliac UK.

Pizza Express say:

“We’ve worked hard to ensure that you can be fully confident of no issues on entering any PizzaExpress. This includes changing processes in our kitchens – including labeling and storage, using new equipment only for gluten-free food, as well as changing the flour we use for tossing and stretching our dough to be Gluten free.”

Amazing. I think it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be there next Friday!

Have you tried the Pizza Express pizza? What did you think? Any other recommendations?


Image via pizzaexpress.com 


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