Spanish McDonalds now serving gluten-free burgers

July 18, 2012

Yesterday, we were so excited to discover a McDonalds in Valencia in Spain with this message on the door.

“You can now ask for your hamburger with gluten-free bread”

OK, I know, I know. What were we doing eating in a McDonalds in Spain when there is so much great gluten-free stuff on offer there? Well, we had spent the day wandering through the streets of Valencia in the sunshine and then realised we needed to grab a quick bite, collect our bags and race to the airport. Maccas was the most speedy option.

I ordered some  gluten-free Big Macs for my boyfriend in my best broken Spanish. The girl behind the counter was very patient with my questions. I think she was trying to explain to me that you don’t get the piece of bread in the middle but it took me a long time to figure that out.

The result was not beautiful by any means but it was a good, quick bite before we raced for the plane.

Spain is such a good place for coeliacs. It’s so easy. Even easier than ordering in English. Does anyone know why Spain is so great for gluten-free food? Is it labelling laws? Higher incidence of coaliac disease? Just being plain awesome? Let me know!



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