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Gluten-free crumpets

November 23, 2013

Genius Gluten-Free Crumpets

There’s something very comforting about a hot cuppa and a toasted crumpet with a thick layer of butter and loads of honey that melts and seeps through the spongey centre making a syrupy mess. So now we’re delighted to have a few gluten-free choices available that I can strongly recommend to you.

Marks and Spencer gluten free crumpets

A friend with a 9 year old daughter with coeliac disease discovered M&S’s made without wheat crumpets and raved to us about how good they are. We rushed out to try some and can vouch for the fact that they are really tasty. They do need to be toasted for quite a while longer than you’d usually except. Their website advertises them at an eye watering £6.99 but I’m sure we haven’t paid that much in store. (Update*: yep, they’re £1.79 in store making them cheaper than Genius at £2.19).

Genius Gluten Free Crumpet packshot

Last week I was also lucky enough to stumble across a stall handing out Genius bread. I raced up to try their toasted fruit loaf and told the lady that my boyfriend had coeliacs. I asked if they had any samples to give out and she gave me two huge loaves of bread and a packet of crumpets to try because they’re new to the range (Thank you SO MUCH, Genius!). We think the crumpets are delicious and probably pip the M&S crumpets at the post. At £2.19, they’re a tad more expensive than M&S*. All this talk is making me hungry so I’m going to have one now.

The Genius crumpets are now available at Sainsbury’s and Asda stores. M&S crumpets are available at selected stores or can be ordered online and delivered to your nearest store.

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Warburtons gluten-free wraps

May 13, 2013


The Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse “Save our wrap” campaign has been doing the rounds on social media for a couple of months but we hadn’t gotten around to going to a Tesco to try out the new wraps. We finally made it this week.

I have to be honest with you and say that the price is a little eye-watering at £3 for a packet of three square wraps. But they taste good and they do something I’ve rarely seen a gluten-free wrap or tortilla do… they don’t crack when you roll them around a filling.

I’m really keen to experiment with them a bit more to see what they’re like as Wahaca-style quesadillas, or thin-crust pizzas.

The wraps are currently available from Tesco and Morrison’s. Have you tried them? What did you think?



Is Worthenshaws Freedom gluten-free?

January 12, 2011

A few months ago I wrote about the exciting launch of Worthenshaws Freedom free-from desserts and claimed that they were suitable for coeliacs. I thought this because their website and labelling state that Freedom is free from gluten and suitable for food allergy sufferers.

However, there is some interesting chatter about Freedom on Coeliac UK’s Facebook page this week that has made me rethink that and want to double-check the facts.

A member has posted a question asking whether Worthenshaws is safe for coeliacs to consume seeing as it is produced in a factory that also handles gluten.

Freedom’s packaging states the following: “recipe free from nuts, soya, dairy, gluten, wheat, egg, added sugar (contains only fruit sugars, artificial colours and flavours.” So, that’s the recipe. But the labelling goes on to say, “ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Produced in a factory that handles nuts, soya, milk, wheat, gluten and egg” so there is the potential for contamination with allergens.

Coeliac UK has responded to the query saying they don’t list Worthenshaws because they haven’t been provided with suitable information but  add that the Worthenshaws website provides information about the risk of contamination.

The Worthenshaws statement, available here, explains that all of the ingredients used in the dessert are gluten-free. However, nuts, gluten, eggs, milk and soya are all handled on the manufacturing site.  Because of this they adopt strict procedures for segregation and handling of all allergens and for cleaning of equipment prior to production to ensure that the risk of cross-contamination is remote.

“Testing has shown that there are no traces of these allergens, to within the current sensitivity of testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory; therefore we believe that these products are safe for the allergen sensitive consumer. The addition of the statement ‘produced in a factory that handles nuts, soya, milk, wheat, gluten and egg’ is intended as information to the consumer so as not to mislead, rather than a warning.”

I’m not entirely sure that means that there are less than 20 parts-per-million of gluten in the dessert but it sounds like that’s what they mean. There are rumours in the Coeliac UK posts that some coeliacs have felt unwell after eating the dessert so if you suffer from coeliacs it would be worth keeping this in mind if you choose to eat the dessert.

I have sent an enquiry to Worthenshaws customer care to see what they say about their gluten-free labelling and will post their response.

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NEW Genius sandwich at Starbucks

January 9, 2011

It’s a new year so out with the old and in with the new flavours.

From the 6th of January Starbucks will replace their current gluten-free Tuna sandwich with a new Roast Chicken and Pesto sandwich. The new sandwich still features Genius brown bread and will be made with slices of roast chicken, slow roasted tomatoes, baby spinach and pesto mayonnaise.

Genius has been stocking their gluten-free sandwiches in Starbucks cafes for around 8 months now. In that time we have noticed that some smaller Starbucks cafes stopped stocking Genius sandwiches due to poor demand which has been disappointing when we’ve been after a quick and tasty snack. Hopefully the new sandwiches will prove popular and Starbucks will continue their partnership with Genius because other sandwich chains and the supermarkets have been slow to cater for the gluten-free sandwich market.

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M&S now stocking gluten-free sandwiches

January 9, 2011

Marks & Spencer have announced that they are expanding their Made without Wheat range to include fresh sandwiches in over 100 selected Food on the Move stores.

The sandwiches are made with multigrain gluten-free bread and include a choice of British Ham with Crunchy Salad or Free Range Egg Salad flavours.

The fresh sandwich range complements the existing range of bread rolls, loaves, cakes and slices that can be found in the bakery section.

For your nearest store that stocks the new range click here to visit the M&S website.



Dragons’ Den dairy-free desserts now available

September 14, 2010

Young mum Kirsty Henshaw pitched her idea for Worthenshaws dairy-free desserts to the Dragons in July this year and impressed them with her hard work and determination. Just a few months later after some mentoring from Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne, Kirsty is ready to launch her Worthenshaws frozen desserts in the major supermarkets across the UK.

The Worthenshaws Freedom frozen dessert range includes strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours and the desserts are suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs* and vegans. The range is free from dairy, sugar, gluten, soya, egg, nuts and artificial flavours and colours so will tick all the right boxes for the majority of people with food allergies.

From this week the range is available in Asda and Sainsbury’s stores. Morrison’s, Asda and Waitrose will follow very soon.

If you’d like to know more about Kirsty’s products there’s plenty of information on the Worthenshaws website. Kirsty is also blogging about her experiences on the website and keeping her fans up to date on the launch on Twitter.

Kirsty is an inspiration and we wish her all the very best.

*Correction 12 January 2011: Please note that Worthenshaws is produced in a factory that handles gluten. For the company statement on allergens please visit their website.


Product recall: Sainsbury’s Freefrom Rich Fruit Cake Slices

September 9, 2010

Sainsbury’s have issued a product recall for their Sainsbury’s Freefrom Rich Fruit Cake Slices due to accidental contamination with gluten. The affected batch has a best before date of 4 November 2010 and come in 160g packs.

Sainsbury’s will accept returns of these packs at all stores and will issue a full refund.

Marketing Magazine was critical of this mishap, saying “given the nature of the product, the implications could hardly be worse. Despite trumpeting its ‘free from’ status, the contaminated product poses a potentially severe heath risk for any consumer with an intolerance or allergy to wheat or gluten – the very group at which these products are aimed. The damage to the brand’s reputation may take some time to dissipate.”

No other products in Sainsbury’s Freefrom range have been affected.

What do you think? Does this affect your confidence in Sainsbury’s Freefrom products?

Source: Marketing Magazine, 8 September 2010.

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