New Wahaca gluten-free menu

July 15, 2013

happy days

When a heat wave hits all I want to eat is fresh, zesty food; piles of salad, punches of lime juice, fresh herbs, fiery salsas,  juicy grilled meats, spicy red onions, buttery avocados… my mouth is seriously watering just thinking about it.

And I like nothing better than ordering tapas-style meals so I can eat a bit of everything we can share. Make it al fresco and put an icy drink in my hand and I am in heaven. 

So last weekend after we spent 3 hours wandering around the Bowie exhibition at the V&A (if you’re a fan you must try to get tickets – that’s an order!) I suggested we hit our favourite summertime haunt, Wahaca, for guacamole, tacos, ceviche and aguas frescas.

Although we know from past experiences that the staff are brilliant with gluten-free requests, we were extra impressed this time when they produced a printed gluten-free menu. The menu clearly explains their kitchen policy for extra peace of mind.

It worked for us. We sat outdoors enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze, and ordered an extra round of tacos for good measure.

Wahaca gluten-free menu summer 2013

And there’s more good news! There are brand new Wahaca restaurants in Islington and Waterloo and, oh my, the Islington restaurant serves brunch. I see huevos rancheros in my future.


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