How were the gluten-free pizzas at Pizza Express?

June 3, 2013

Green's gluten-free pilsner at Pizza Express


What are the main things we look for when we go out for a gluten-free meal? Clued-up waiters (beer!), a clearly labelled GF menu (beer!), a range of gluten-free options (BEER!)?

Yes, all of those things, but mostly beer.

So, on arriving at our local Pizza Express, dressed up and full of excitement at the prospect of a beer and pizza date-night (eating out is a big deal for us), it was only a matter of seconds before we ordered two Green’s gluten-free pilsners. The beers weren’t too bad, certainly a lot nicer than the majority of GF beers out there and they tasted like real beer not the imitation stuff, but still not anywhere near as nice as the king of gluten-free beers, Daura by Estrella.



Pizza Express gluten-free pizzas

Choosing our mains was fun because we could have almost all of the toppings on the menu. So much choice, what a nice change! We had a false start with the Sloppy Giueseppe since hot spiced beef isn’t on the safe list (and this wasn’t clear on the menu so we had to check).

We went for an American Hot pizza with pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, with jalapeno peppers. My choice was a Capricciosa (ham hock, anchovies, capers, black olives, mozzarella, tomato, hard-boiled free-range egg and red pepper) with the egg and peppers swapped for artichokes and mushrooms.

We had a good chat with our lovely waiter who was really keen on explaining the new labelling system in the kitchen and the training they had gone through as part of the range launch, which helped us to feel confident about the meal.

The pizzas were delicious! The bases were like the real thing. You can see from the photos that it didn’t take long for me to pinch a piece of his pizza. The only draw back was that my pizza arrived without any artichokes. The meal was so filling that when it came time to order a second beer or look at the dessert menu we had to call it a day.

We’ll definitely go back.

Have you tried the new gluten-free pizza range? What did you think?

You can find your nearest Pizza Express restaurant here. And if you’d like to try Green’s or Estrella Daura beers they’re available from selected Sainsbury’s stores.




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