NEW Genius sandwich at Starbucks

January 9, 2011

It’s a new year so out with the old and in with the new flavours.

From the 6th of January Starbucks will replace their current gluten-free Tuna sandwich with a new Roast Chicken and Pesto sandwich. The new sandwich still features Genius brown bread and will be made with slices of roast chicken, slow roasted tomatoes, baby spinach and pesto mayonnaise.

Genius has been stocking their gluten-free sandwiches in Starbucks cafes for around 8 months now. In that time we have noticed that some smaller Starbucks cafes stopped stocking Genius sandwiches due to poor demand which has been disappointing when we’ve been after a quick and tasty snack. Hopefully the new sandwiches will prove popular and Starbucks will continue their partnership with Genius because other sandwich chains and the supermarkets have been slow to cater for the gluten-free sandwich market.

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  1. I haven’t been to a Starbucks or,infact any other cafe since being diagnosed as coeliac a year ago. this is because I can never find anything I can eat or if I can it has meat in it & I am also vegetarian. Just one sandwich without meat or fish would be wonderfull. Can you help? I live in Lisburn Northern Ireland. Thanks for hopefully helping.

    • Hi Ann – thanks for posting! I haven’t been into Starbucks for a while either so I’m sure if they still do Genius sandwiches.
      Selected Sainsbury’s stores have recently added a freefrom sandwich range to their food to go fridges – there’s an egg and cress sandwich. If your local store don’t have them just speak to the store manager and they will order some in for you to try (hopefully!).
      Marks & Spencer also have a range of “Made without Wheat” sandwiches including a cheese and pickle ploughmans. You can check stores that stock them on their website here
      M&S also have single packs of GF chocolate muffins. Look out for the bright green packaging.
      If we’re out and about we go to Leon restaurants for their hotboxes with brown rice, coleslaw and a hot curry or sweet potato falafel. They’re only in England at the moment but they are rolling out more locations.
      Also, Carluccio’s have gluten free pasta and the giardiniera sauce (courgette, garlic, chilli) is delicious. I don’t think they’re in Northern Ireland either unfortunately.
      Cafe Nero and some other coffee shops have GF brownies.
      Salad is probably the safest thing to go for – most supermarkets have good labelling so it’s easy to tell which ones are safe to eat.
      I hope that helps – I know it’s difficult!

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