Supermarket Free-From War Heats Up

May 17, 2010

Sainsbury’s lead in the Free-From market is under threat as Asda announces plans to add 78 new products to its Free-From range.

The Grocer reported today that Asda will begin to roll out the new branded and own-label products this week taking their total Free-From range to 208 items.

Asda has claimed that customers have asked for less cakes and biscuits and more scratch-cooking ingredients like… erm, gluten-free crumble mixes.

Asda aims to contest Sainsbury’s claim to be the UK’s biggest Free-From retailer and will start rolling out the wider range of choices to more stores in the next month. Asda plan to differentiate themselves from the competition by reducing the prices of their Free-From products.

On the face of it, it’s wonderful news that the major supermarkets are expanding their gluten-free ranges and making them more affordable. However, it sounds as though the supermarkets are more interested in capturing the greatest market share in a lucrative market than providing healthy and nutritional options for a demographic with highly specific dietary needs.

Maybe it’s a timely reminder that we don’t need to buy so many supermarket products when some fresh meat, fruit and vegetables will do.


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