Singapore Airlines gluten-free meal

April 29, 2010

What a relief. I am finally home. All in all I was delayed in Sydney for 10 days. I was sad to leave but I’m glad to be home and now I’m looking forward to the English summer and plenty of picnics!

Singapore Airlines’ special meals blew Virgin Atlantic out of the water… erm sky. It was obvious they’d put more thought into it than Virgin. The meals were varied so I didn’t end up with three different interpretations of tomatoes and red peppers a la Virgin.

Dinner from Sydney to Singapore was lamb navarin with jasmine rice plus the requisite gin and tonic. It came with a side salad, fruit salad and a typically dry and tasteless gluten-free slice of bread. That didn’t matter because the main was filling so I didn’t need to eat the bread.

The snack before landing was two mini grilled chicken brochettes with red and green peppers and a little sweet chilli sauce.

I was very excited to find out that I was on the A380 from Singapore to London. It’s massive. It looks like the nuclear missile in Superman III from the 80s. Although to be honest it was really uncomfortable in Economy and I didn’t sleep much. Just once in my life I would love to fly in a suite or in First Class from London to Sydney but that would probably mean I can’t eat for a year.

Dinner on the second flight was braised beef with fried potato and onion, beans and carrots. It was tender and delicious. The side was a garden salad and dessert was a fruit salad. That seems to be the standard for special meals. It also had rice cakes instead of a bread roll.

Breakfast this morning was a nice surprise. It was a full meal instead of a greasy bacon roll. There was so much food on the tray I couldn’t eat it all. The hot meal was a frittata made with peppers, carrot, spinach and herbs with a side of baked beans and mushrooms and it was yummy. Breakfast came with a side of orange and ruby grapefruit, rice cakes, jam and yogurt.

The only down side to the meals from Singapore Airlines was when snacks and ice creams were brought around they didn’t have gluten-free options so I missed out. Their meals were much better than Virgin Atlantic and once I’ve used up my frequent flyer points from Virgin I’ll start shopping around for new airlines to fly with.


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