Still stuck in Sydney

April 19, 2010

I should be back at work in London today! Instead I am relaxing on a sofa with a harbour view and making a few phone calls to see what’s happening with my flights, whether my travel insurance will cover my expenses and to see if I can get some work experience while I’m in town. Better make the best of a bad situation!

I keep laughing when the Channel Ten correspondent in London says “everything’s up in the air at the moment.” Sorry honey, NOTHING is up in the air at the moment.

The Stamford Plaza told me I had to check out yesterday morning but now Singapore Airlines have just told me that they have extended their accommodation offer so they will put me up in a hotel again if I need it. I have to say, the Singapore Airlines staff have been nothing short of fantastic. They must be incredibly stressed and under pressure but the staff are doing a great job and the airline is being very generous. I suppose they can still fly their main Asian routes so they can afford to be helpful.

I met a young English family at the Stamford Plaza yesterday morning. They were frantically trying to find a hotel in Sydney but everything was booked out. Their travel insurance won’t cover them for natural disasters so they are in a really tight situation. There are some very sad stories. I am one of the very lucky ones.

Well, I’d better grab some breakfast before I start eating the Violet Crumbles in front of me. Fingers crossed that Eyjafjallajokull will stop “spewing”, as they say, sooner rather than later.


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