Volcanic ash = extended holiday

April 17, 2010

Not that I’m complaining but I am still in Sydney and won’t be able to get back to London for a few days. I would not be surprised if it takes a week to clear the backlog.

I was informed at check-in on Friday morning that I should not board the plane to Singapore and would be given two nights’ accommodation and food vouchers but at the last minute the airline tried to convince me to jump on board. They seemed to think it would all work out by the time I got to Singapore. Well, I would have arrived at Singapore about 20 hours ago. In fact, if all went well I would be back in London already, so I am SO RELIEVED I used my common sense and did not get on that plane. A week in Sydney beats a week on the floor at the airport in Singapore. I’ve been marooned in-transit before and I feel so sorry for all of those people sleeping rough and camping in airports. Hopefully everything works out soon.



  1. Sorry to hear you’re stranded Georgia, but enjoy your time in beautiful Sydney! 🙂 Just think – it could be far worse, than being stuck in your own country with loads of gf options!

  2. Thanks! It’s actually great to be stuck in Sydney but I’m running out of money because I keep eating out! It looks like I won’t be able to get a flight to London until this weekend at least even if the ash clears in the next day. I think I am here for a long time!!

    • have you moved your blog? I can’t find it today if I click on your profile.

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