Genius sandwiches at Starbucks!

April 7, 2010

More good news from the clever clogs at Genius. Starbucks in the UK have just replaced their boring, dry old bread with Genius brown bread and launched the new Tuna Mayo sandwich. This is excellent news for coeliac’s who are out and about and overcome by sudden hunger pangs. It will mean we don’t have to plan our outings around meals or take a packed lunch every time we go out.

The filling is “pole and line-caught Skipjack tuna with roasted tomatoes and basil mayo, topped with rocket leaves served on Genius gluten-free™ bread.”

They really are clever bunnies. Well done, Genius! I just hope the prices haven’t gone up too much. I’ll find out when I’m back in the UK and let you know what it tastes like.

Alternative GF options at Starbucks include fruit salad and Tuna, Three Bean and Potato Salad.

Source: Genius newsletter and Starbucks’ website.

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