Double chorizo treat!

March 24, 2010

This week we decided to cook a tortilla for dinner; an old Jamie Oliver recipe from Sainsbury’s Magazine. I cooked it from memory so probably got a lot of it wrong but I threw in pan-fried potato, store-bought roasted red peppers, spanish onion, 5 eggs, salt and pepper and some chorizo for good measure. We ate it with a side salad. It was scrumptious and there was plenty left over for later on.

We also had left over ingredients so today I cooked up a delicious chorizo and red pepper pasta with the left over spanish onion, tomatoes, a little olive oil and Salute gluten-free spaghetti which tastes pretty much like the real stuff and holds its form pretty well when cooked. Again it was a tasty treat but not something we could eat too often. I used cooking chorizo which is new from M&S and thankfully doesn’t contain wheat. A few of their versions contain milk which I avoided and all of them contain sulphites which are a bit harder to avoid. I think I should have fried the chorizo for a bit longer so it was crisper on the outside and browned a bit more.

We’ve obviously indulged this weekend so I’ll have to eat salad for the rest of the week. I gave up ice cream in January and chocolate two weeks ago so I’m getting my fix in other food groups!

I’m off to Australia in 9 days. I’ll sure there will be plenty of treats to blog about from home but I’ll have to reconsider an appearance at the beach if I keep eating  indulgent foods with this much gusto!


One comment

  1. Oooh – I love the look of this double chorizo treat – I’ll be recreating this in the Fruit Loop kitchen!

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