Food in children’s books

March 7, 2010

This week on Guardian.co.uk Anne Wollenberg wrote about descriptions of food in children’s books and asked, “what sticks in your mind from the food and drink in your childhood reading?”

This really struck a chord with me as I used to pick up Charlie and The Chocolate Factory  just to read the long list  of magical things that Willa Wonka made in his factory. I also used to adore my Enid Blighton books that told of picnics in the countryside and picking blackberries. I’m sure that’s part of the reason I wanted to move to England and I still get excited when we come across blackberry brambles or apple trees when we’re out walking.

I always wanted a slice of the chocolate cake that Miss Trunchbull forced Bruce Bogtrotter to eat in Matilda (but not the whole thing). I also wanted to eat the shiny wild boar out of Asterix comics – I ate a pork knuckle at the Hofbrau house in Munich a few years ago and I think that’s pretty close!

Food always looks amazing in cartoons as well. I think I became obsessed with lasagne because of Garfield.

Mmmm, I love reading about food. Even pretend food. The article is Here.


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