Livwell Double Chocolate Cakes

February 11, 2010

Another treat we picked up from Waitrose was Livwell Double Chocolate Cake Bars.

The cakes come in 4 separate “vacuum packs” that can be torn apart at a perforation in the plastic so they are perfect for packed lunches. Although this isn’t as convenient as if they were individually wrapped. Why are gluten-free products so hard to open?

These are really tasty cakes. They aren’t moist like a mud cake but they are quite nice because of an abundance of chocolate chips. The cake itself tastes like real cake and there is no trace of a chalky taste, even though rice flour is one of the main ingredients.  We liked these slightly more than the Waitrose ginger cakes. 

Livwell also offer free welcome packs via their website

Allergens: Contains egg and soya

FreeFrom: Gluten, wheat and milk


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