Waitrose gluten-free ginger cake slices

February 6, 2010

We don’t often shop at Waitrose but I wanted to grab a Waitrose Food Illustrated today so I convinced English Boy to go after we grabbed some rice paper at the Chinese supermarket. 

I was very keen to look at their FreeFrom section to see if they had any new products seeing as the major supermarkets seem to be stepping up their game. We found chocolate cake, millionaire shortbread, ginger cookies and lots of other new stuff. Unfortunately too many to try at once!

Jamaica Ginger Cake is one of the things that English Boy misses even though he doesn’t have much of a sweet-tooth. Waitrose ginger cake slices were the first thing we settled on. Each box contains 5 slices of “moist, spiced ginger cake.” 

My first impression was that it must be made of rice flour because of the chalky taste. The overwhelming scent is of  molasses or syrup. English boy said that it wasn’t gingery enough and not moist enough. I totally agree, it’s not sticky enough. Certainly not like Jamaican Ginger Cake but not too bad. The wait continues.

Allergens: contains egg


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