Genius at Sainsbury’s!

February 1, 2010

Sainsbury’s have revamped their FreeFrom range and added new products that I am dying to try. The new range includes lemon squares, freefrom oats, ginger cake slices, and banofee squares. I can’t wait to try baking with the GF oats!

Also, the Sainsbury’s website provides information on every Sainsbury’s product that is free of allergens so you can do a little research at home and make a beeline for your shopping when you’re in the store instead of reading the back of every label.

Sainsbury’s are also now stocking Genius gluten-free bread which has been exclusive to Tesco since it was launched. Genius is half-price as an introductory offer until the 9th of February. That’s GBP 1.44! Both the white and brown loaves were sold out in my local store so it’s popular already.

More information on the FreeFrom range is available from www.sainsburys.co.uk.

Sainsbury’s product guidance list is here.


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